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We have everything you need to pamper and care for your dog!

Boarding, Daycare and Grooming

See the action live!

Our cameras can be accessed by checked-in dogs only in our customer portal.


Your go-to daycare facility to care for your pet during the day. With a 3,800 sq ft play area, your dog will play, get active, stimulated and rest

Daycare - single day rate $47


We also create custom monthly memberships for multi-day daycare!



Need to travel? Your pet will be taken good care of, and enjoy our different suite types so you can be at easy at your time away.

Luxury Suite $90/night

Standard Suite $85/night

Crate $80/night

Before booking boarding you must complete a day of daycare


With your grooming services, your pet will look refreshed and as good as ever!

Full haircut from $60

Bath from $30

Nails $12

Teeth $ 9

Dematting $20

Full Grooming

Why Paw Club

Our differentials set us apart in Philly!


  • Low dog-to-handler ration

  • Thorough screening & vax requirements


  • Hygienic, safe rubber floor

  • Outdoor area with safe grass

  • Daily disinfection of all surfaces


  • 5 cameras to capture the action

  • Report cards

  • Meet & greet before acceptance

Become a Paw Club member

Contact us and request a custom membership plan based on your needs!

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