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Our Memberships and Services

We are an exclusive dog daycare club. You deserve the best, and your dog deserves the best, and we can give you that! Sign up for membership today and enjoy all the perks of being a Paw Club member!

Diamond Membership

Full, unlimited access to daycare and boarding! And more, we will give weekly baths, teeth brushing and monthly nail trimming. We'll take care of it all.

$ 2,500/month

Silver Membership

With 7 days of daycare and 2 nights of boarding per month, your dog will be cared and loved for by our staff. Join now as a member and enjoy all the perks of being under our care.

$ 500/month.


We have single-day daycare rates available. Your dog's day is divided by activities! Spots are limited, so make sure you book them with us!

$ 55/large dogs a day

$ 45/small dogs a day 


Need to travel? We have different suites available for your dog's comfort! We will take care of your pup, feed and give them all the love! One day of daycare is required.

$ 90/luxury suite

$ 85/standard suite

$ 80/canine cabin

Gold Membership

With the gold plan, your pup will have access to 13 days of daycare per month and 4 nights of boarding. With activities planned out during the day, they'll have a daycare to remember!

$ 925/month

Boarding Membership

Do you travel often and need someone to take good care of your pup for you? We got you covered! We will care, feed and give them a goodnight sleep for 6 nights a month + 2 days of daycare!

$ 490/month

Bath, nail trim, dematting and more

Not only daycare and boarding, but a full spa service for your pet to go home fully groomed and relaxed.

$ 50/bath

$ 15/nail clipping

$ 20/dematting


This is a soon-to-be-provided service.

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Need more? Check out our à la carte services

We can also create a membership specific to your needs! Contact us now to get a custom quote

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