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Dog Daycare Services

Dogs are social creatures who thrive on interaction and exercise. That's why our daycare services are designed to keep your furry friend engaged, happy, and well-cared for throughout the day.

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Qualification for Daycare:

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At Paw Club, the safety and well-being of our furry guests are our top priorities. To ensure a harmonious environment and the best experience for all, we kindly request that all pets meet the following qualifications for daycare:



All pets must be up-to-date on vaccinations, including rabies, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough). This helps safeguard the health of all our guests.

Health Check:


Pets should be in good overall health with no signs of contagious illnesses. If your pet has any health concerns, please consult with our staff beforehand.



Aggressive behavior can disrupt the harmony of the pack, so pets with a friendly and sociable temperament thrive in our daycare.



For pets over six months old, we encourage spaying or neutering. This contributes to a calmer and more balanced play environment.

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What Sets Our Daycare Apart:

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Paw Club's daycare services aren't just about providing a place for your pet to spend the day; they're about offering an enriching experience that keeps tails wagging and fosters a sense of well-being. Join us and let your pet experience the joy of a day full of fun, interaction, and relaxation. Here's what makes our daycare stand out:

Supervised Play:


Our experienced staff ensures a safe and stimulating playtime for every dog, providing constant supervision and care.

Positive Reinforcement:


We use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behavior and promote a friendly, well-socialized atmosphere.

Separate Small Dogs Area:


Safety is our priority. We have designated play areas for large and small dogs, providing a comfortable and secure space for every furry friend, regardless of size.

Tailored Activities:


We offer a variety of activities that cater to different energy levels, play styles, and social needs, ensuring every dog has a great time.

High-Quality Facilities:


Paw Club's daycare facilities are well-equipped with spacious indoor and outdoor play areas, ensuring your pet has ample room to roam and play.

Safe and Clean Facilities:


Our daycare spaces are regularly sanitized, and safety measures are in place to create a clean and secure environment, minimizing any potential risks.

Safety First:


We prioritize the well-being and safety of your pups. Our secure facilities and strict protocols provide a worry-free environment.

Flexible Scheduling:


Life can be busy, but that doesn't mean your dog has to miss out on the fun. We offer flexible drop-off and pick-up times to accommodate your schedule.

Personalized Attention:


Each pet receives individualized care and attention, ensuring their unique needs are met and that they feel comfortable and cherished throughout their daycare experience.



With daily report cards and images, you're always in the loop about your pet's activities, interactions, and overall well-being. 5 cameras allow you to see your dog in action.

All-Inclusive Pricing:


Say goodbye to hidden fees. With Paw Club, you'll enjoy transparent, all-inclusive pricing for our daycare, boarding, and grooming services.

Health Monitoring:


Our trained staff keeps a watchful eye on your pet's well-being, noting any changes in behavior or health and promptly addressing any concerns that may arise.

packpro certification



Paw Club proudly partners with Pack Pro Training to ensure your dog enjoys the safest and most delightful experience during their stay with us. Through Pack Pro, our entire staff undergoes comprehensive training in dog behavior and pack care, guaranteeing enhanced safety and care standards for every dog in our facility.


Our all-inclusive daycare pricing:

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1/2 Day - Daycare

Half Day

* Up to 6 hours of play

* Pack Training

* Lunch time (owner-provided)

* Breakout Sessions

* Outdoor Area

* Pool Play

Small Dogs: $33

Large Dogs: $39​

No processing fee

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Full Day - Daycare

Full Day

* 7+ hours of play

* Pack Training

* Lunch time (owner-provided)

* Breakout Sessions

* Outdoor Area

* Pool Play

Small Dogs: $44

Large Dogs: $49

No processing fee

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10-pack Package

4 Months

* 7+ hours of play

* Pack Training

* Lunch time (owner-provided)

* Breakout Sessions

* Outdoor Area

* Pool Play

Small Dogs: $410

Large Dogs: $430

+3% processing fee

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20-pack Package

6 Months

* 7+ hours of play

* Pack Training

* Lunch time (owner-provided)

* Breakout Sessions

* Outdoor Area

* Pool Play

Small Dogs: $799

Large Dogs: $849

+3% processing fee


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Simple Steps to Get Your Pup Ready for Fun and Care

Start Your Paw Club Journey

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1. Register in the Portal:

Begin your journey with Paw Club by registering in our user-friendly online portal. 

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2. Upload Vaccine Records:

Ensure the safety and well-being of all our furry guests by uploading your pet's up-to-date vaccine records. 

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3. Schedule a Greet and Meet:

Let's get acquainted! Schedule a convenient time for a Greet and Meet session. 

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Our Story

Discover the heartwarming story behind our commitment.

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Ours FAQs

Got questions? We've got answers! Explore our FAQs to find all the essential information about Paw Club

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Join The Pack

Join the pack and let your pet experience the joy of Paw Club's loving community.

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